this Is Your Year to Drop 20kg... for good

Achieve Consistency, Results and Happiness without the Rebound!

    Are you ready to finally say goodbye to frustration, yo-yo dieting and the head game of struggling with weight? Are you tired of the emotional overwhelm which plays into your self-worth, confidence and happiness?

    MYTH: Weight loss needs to be about punishment, restriction and running for miles and miles until you feel exhausted, give up and end up at square one, or gaining even more weight,

    The truth is, you can drop over 20kg in a balanced way; training 3 times per week, fueling your body with amazing nutrition and gaining sustainability, while balance your hormones and create more happiness amongst a fun community who get you.

    Sounds like the holy grail right? We are achieving this for our clients time and time again. We have discovered what really works

    ✅Having the right community and vibe around you to enjoy the journey & make friends along the way

    ✅ A sustainable approach that takes into account your lifestyle and the things you are willing to change

    ✅ Personalised programming which meets your bodies needs & evolves with you as you get leaner and stronger.

    What you don't need;

    ❌Commando-style Coach yelling demanding exercises which don't work for your body

    ❌ A cookie-cutter plan which leaves you feeling like you are constantly failing

    ❌A plan which is too hard to commit to and leaves you feeling exhausted

    ❌ Overtraining and under eating which sets you up to feel more tired and hungrier than ever before only to rebound and feel more frustrated.

    I'm sure you've heard of just about every diet under the sun, and most likely have probably tried several of them! By now, you're fed up with feeling and putting on more weight each time and also the overwhelm of what to do next.

    We totally get it.

    That's because it's confusing for where to get started. Ultimately it has nothing to do with the type of diet; it is really about finding the approach you can SUSTAIN with the accountability, community and support to help you follow through.

    After working with thousands of women who we have helped to create massive change in their bodies, they always said the key missing element in the past was an exceptional coach and a down to earth fun community. We need people in our corner to support you and cheer you on each step of the way, even when you don't even feel like it. A community means connection and a Coach will give you the right approach while also keeping you accountable to your goals. Now more than ever is truly the winning combination to LASTING SUCCESS.

    We are offering you more than just weight loss. We have a place and a space which will light you up. You will love connecting with other women on the same journey with Coaches who give you expert advice.

    Applications Open for 5th Sept Enrollments

    Hurry! We Close in;

    The 20Kg Method

    Discover how to simply & easily make your body work for you instead of against you.




    Month 1- Mindset and Nutrition

    Get specific about your goals, purpose and results. We need a clear roadmap knowing your direction and focus and with your Coach, you'll personalise this timeline ensuring it's a sustainable succession plan. Additionally, we get clear on stories and situations which you feel are holding you back and set up accountability measures to ensure you follow through.

    We make nutrition easy by setting you up with a meal formula that can be easily applied to existing recipes you make or otherwise give you the meals to make. As a part of the team, you will track workouts and steps and with the support of your Coach and community, your habits will be shifting to make this a part of your lifestyle.

    Month 2 - Success, Knowledge and Consistency

    At this point you will have built faith in the process, you are continuously seeing the scales drop at a rate of 500g to 1kg per week and no longer feel that you have been held back by something you can't control. We continue working on enhancing consistency and your lifestyle to further increase your energy, fitness and strength. We also work through any personalised mindset shifts around emotional eating or self-sabotage.

    Month 3 - Personality Typing your Sustainable Approach

    We bring in a specialised nutritional approach that matches your personality which takes you over the finish line of achieving this goal. This phase is really about ingraining long terms habits and celebrating how far you have come!

    This Program Will change your life

    Ready to Get Your Life Back? 

    Who Is This For?
    • Women who are wanting to overcome the funk of lockdown & work with a personalised program with Coaches who care.
    • Busy Women Who want to drop 20kg and make this the last time you have to do it! 
    • ​Women looking for sustainability and amazing results by training 3 times a week
    • Women who are DONE with fads and just want lasting results 
    • ​Women who want to support & to be a part of something special
    • ​If you are ready to stop with stories that are holding you back and rewrite new empowering ones
    • ​Women are ready to take action 
    Ready to Get Your Life Back? 
    Meet The Team

    Our number one passion is Coaching and helping you to navigate the challenges of our modern lifestyle. We want to help you cut through the misinformation to take control of your health and happiness.

    Amanda our Founder has won figure competitions and broken the Australian Powerlifting Deadlifting record several times over. As an Certified FDN Practitioner, Coach and Mum she uses her knowledge and skills to have the best team available to you to achieve outstanding progress in your health and fitness.

    100% Money Back Guarantee!

    The results in this program are guaranteed. If you do not get any results you will get a full refund. Simply as that, no questions asked. The only agreement is you take the action.

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    Where are you located?

    This Event will be run virtually & then when our doors reopen you will have the option of training from 120 Langford Street, North Melbourne. We have a beautiful light-filled open warehouse space with polished concrete and an amazing female vibe.

    How often will I have to train, and what is the time investment?

    We use a minimum effective dose of 3 times per week to get results. If you want more, we can give you more; however, we would rather work smarter with the right lifestyle adjustments rather than harder. Our clients are mostly busy females and executive Mums, nurses and everything in-between and we give you a an approach which is realistic and effective.

    Are you female only?

    We are totally female-only, including the Coaches.

    What kind of results should I expect?

    We are about sustainability and make this a part of your ongoing lifestyle by dropping between 500g to 1kg per week. Most importantly, you will keep it off!

    What are the nutritional philosophies you follow?

    Our underlying philosophies are a low inflammatory Paleo approach. In saying that, we personalise our nutrition to fit you and can cater to vegetarian and vegan nutrition.

    What are the steps from here?

    We talk so that we can run through the full details of the program. We also want to know more about where you are at, what you would like to achieve and to see if this is the right fit.

    How Do I Access the Classes and what time do they run?

    Our classes are available through a facebook page via zoom. You can join the class at the timetabled time (see below) or otherwise you have the playback available after the class. So much flexibility!

    How much rooms and what equipment do I need for the classes?

    If you have a space as large as a yoga mat then you have this covered. Equipment wise dumbbells which are a light and medium weight with a booty band. Any other bands are a bonus.

    For support issues or questions - Please email us at
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